Torn by ages of war, paranoia, rampant magic, and human exodus, Sarlona is a continent deeply affected by the ravages of the past. Although larger than Khorvaire, its struggles have reduced the population to two primary cultures: one that is grateful for the prosperity granted by its spiritual overseers and one that believes those spirits to be corrupt.

The continent of Sarlona is relatively flat, consisting of broad plains, the great Tashana Tundra, and a vast desert. The weather is harsh, and fierce storms flay the land, particularly in Adar.

Many details of Sarlonan history have been lost through war and catastrophe. It is widely believed that the current civilization arose through the guidance of otherworldly spirits, which steered humanity away from total destruction. Thus, the nations of Sarlona have coalesced into two distinct regions.

Residents of Riedra believe that they represent the crown of civilization. The Inspired, fortunate individuals possessed and guided by spirits, serve as both religious and secular leaders. Violence and crime are rare except for acts of sedition, which, according to the Inspired, are committed by those who have been misled by evil spirits to turn against the Path of Inspiration.

In direct opposition to Riedra is Adar, a mountainous, rocky land—one of the few such areas on the entire continent. Storm-blasted and desolate, Adar is home to those who refuse the peace of Riedra, for they believe it to be a lie. Here, nomadic tribes and small communities struggle to survive, seeking to adhere to the Path of Light and to aid others in throwing off the yoke of the Path of Inspiration.


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