Creating Your Character

You will be starting at level 1 with 100 gp. Once you have crated your character please make a Wiki page under Player Characters on the Wiki home page.


You will be starting your journey in Flamekeep in Thrane.

Capital: Flamekeep
Population: 2,300,000 (70% human, 10% half-elf, 9% dwarf, 4% elf, 4% halfling, 3% others
Exports: Fine crafts, wool, textiles, missionaries, fruit, livestock
Languages: Common, Draconic, Dwarven, Elven, Halfling

With the population demographics as such you may choose freely from human, half-elf, dwarf, elf, or halfling. If you desire a different class and we can discuss it.

Religion and Alignment

As far as religion is concerned you must be a follower of The Church of the Silver Flame. This is one rule I will not likely be flexible on. Your alignment may be Lawful good, Good, or Unaligned, though I would greatly prefer the first two over the unaligned. Should you choose Unaligned be sure that you have a reason in your background that would lead you in this direction.


Dragonmarks are allowed as long as you are the appropriate race. Changlings and Warforged do not have dragonmarks under any circumstance.

Dragonmark Race House(s)
Mark of Detection Half-elf House Medani
Mark of Finding Human or half-orc House Tharashk
Mark of Handling Human House Vadalis
Mark of Healing Halfling House Jorasco
Mark of Hospitality Halfling House Ghallanda
Mark of Making Human House Cannith
Mark of Passage Human House Orien
Mark of Scribing Gnome House Sivis
Mark of Sentinel Human House Deneith
Mark of Shadow Elf House Phiarlan
Mark of Shadow Elf House Thuranni
Mark of Storm Half-elf House Lyrandar
Mark of Warding Dwarf House Kundarak

Creating Your Character

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